PROVARKO TANKS – Biogas, Water, Waste

Introducing Provarko concrete tanks, a PVC stay-in-place concrete forming system that is ideal for the construction of high-performance tanks.

Solid masonry construction ensures a high quality and high strength tank that can be used for water, effluent, dry storage, grain and feeds. They can be built with or without roofs, or can have floating covers or gas capture domes. The construction systems provides a fast and efficient process that can deliver the finished product on time.

Ships flat and is assembled on-site

Insulated to any R-value

Corrosion Resistant

Water and Gastight

Large sizes available

Complex designs available

Reinforcing steel – protected from gases by liner

Large diameter effluent tanks

Reasons to choose a Provarko Tank

  • Solid masonry poured in place concrete tanks
  • Superior seismic strength. In testing the wall system exceeded the capability of the testing equipment. Test results are available on request
  • Optional insulation can be added into the wall as required. The thermal mass of concrete, airtightness and EPS insulation provides an excellent R-value.
  • Watertight panels create a completely sealed wall surface that’s watertight. No caulking is required where panels join and no interior liner is required
  • PVC panels protect the concrete and rebar from harsh chemicals and corrosive environments. Octaform PVC meets the strict sanitation standard set by the CFIA.
  • The concrete is proven to have a 40% increase in strength and hardness due to increased curing times caused by the slow concrete curing inside the permanent formwork.
  • Built for longevity and strength, especially in high traffic areas. It can take the knocks
  • Wall thickness is available for walls between 4” to 24” thick.
  • Compatible with standard concrete mix and available boom pumps.
  • Requires no heavy lifting equipment on site.
  • Construction time is fast. Many large tanks are built in less than 2 weeks from the time the foundation is finished.

Roofs and protrusions

  • Roofs can be installed on the tank without the need for legs or bracing
  • Roofs can be made from metal truss or fabric stretched over a metal frame.
  • protrusions, man access ports, inflow and outflow fittings can easily be cast into the walls during construction.


  • Provarko tank walls are completely fire proof.
  • Fire suppression systems can be installed inside the walls of the tank or in the roof structure if required for tanks storing wood chip, pallets, grain or other flammable material.
  • If a fire was to happen, the interior PVC can be repaired with torch on roofing membrane, and the tank put back into service.

Tank sizes available

  • Sizes are available from 8 meters to 50 meters in diameter
  • Height can range from 1 meter to 12 meters
  • Volumes from small to 20 plus million liters

Shapes available

  • Provarko tanks can be built for specific needs. Tank inside tank, or tank with center walls and dividers. More information can be provided about this on request. The most common shapes are as below.
  • Round
  • Square
  • oblong
  • Oval
  • L shape
  • Hexagon or pentagon
  • Other shapes available upon request


  • Water and Wastewater
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Biogas Tanks
  • Car Wash
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Restoration and Repair


  • Containment Tanks: Forms and protects your tank walls in one step.
  • Column Armor: Enhances the Lifespan of Compromised Concrete
  • Quickliner: PVC wall and ceiling panels – Food grade
  • Formwork: A stay-in-place concrete forming system


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