Provarko is a like-minded team of proud New Zealanders here to provide a commercially viable solution for excessive farm soil leaching and an organic alternative to synthetic fertilisers.

Our aim is to assist New Zealand to clean up and positively farm alongside and above our countries water systems.


We provide and build complete solutions of tried and tested On-farm Anaerobic Digester systems, creating energy and heat from animal, organic industrial, and food waste streams.

Provarko collects animal, organic industrial, and food wastes and mixes them into an optimum state (fuel). We then move it into our Digester tank, then heat and stir it over a 21 – 25 day cycle to convert its’ structure into a potent organic Biofertiliser we call Digestate.

This Digestate has a much greater uptake into the root soils than raw effluent. Furthermore, Digestate is virtually odourless and 99% free of pathogens.

Through this process, we also collect the bulk of the methane produced by these wastes. This bio-methane is cleaned and converted into significant volumes of valuable heat and energy i.e. electricity and hot water, via a purposely designed Bio-fuel Generator (CHP unit), which offsets the cost of the A.D. plant and all the good work we are doing for the environment.


Anaerobic Digesting is not new to New Zealand. However, in the past, it has often been over ‘New Zealandlised’ and often unsuccessful or not commercially viable.

Provarko has chosen to partner with the successfully proven IP, technology, and equipment of Martin Energy Group of the USA, therefore we are not “reinventing the wheel.”

Martin Energy has installed hundreds of CHP units throughout the USA, Canada, Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia – their commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none (www.martinenergygroup.com).